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Tyler 764e326a4b Remove go.sum 2 years ago
Tyler 121198a16f Update go.mod/go.sum 2 years ago
Tyler b0efa7143c Fix serverlist issues 2 years ago
Tyler 68632e9ca3 Fix registry url 2 years ago
Tyler 2800e5d515 Add musl-dev for arm64 2 years ago
Tyler e4d6a8e0a5 GCC is not loaded 2 years ago
Tyler 0461badfa7 Ensure git exists 2 years ago
Tyler 1017553f08 Updated build environment for drone 2 years ago
Tyler 2b1dfb247a Manifest 3 years ago
Tyler 67fef871c2 Fix wildcard matching 3 years ago
Tyler 37c3ebb57e Better wildcard matching, though we should still split on . before checking 3 years ago
Tyler aae18bc0c9 Fix pubsub, documentation, version 3 years ago
Tyler 3457be7942 Force initial refresh 3 years ago
Tyler 90407628e0 Add debugging 3 years ago
Tyler a11e9d8375 Add LOG_LEVEL 3 years ago
Tyler c3fb9efaaf Debug env 3 years ago
Tyler b5e5fede9a Redo env parsing 3 years ago
Tyler 0013c1e655 Make GoDNS listen on by default 3 years ago
Tyler bb36b4f9e1 Add server list as another variable, allowing the use of configs/secrets 3 years ago
Tyler cce0739a9b Remove server-list-file 3 years ago
Tyler 2c0b9fb350 Add config to docker, env overrides 3 years ago
Tyler 725f298f2e Better resolver support 3 years ago
Tyler d1f11f1773 Support DNS over HTTP servers 3 years ago
Tyler adf6a32039 Redis caching 3 years ago
Tyler 53e24ccdbd Better host file parsing, split hosts into their own sub files 3 years ago
Tyler b26b3dcb22 We don't need the prefix? 3 years ago
Tyler d45aaa4260 Fix CI 3 years ago
Tyler ee63c52b7a Fix CI 3 years ago
Tyler 9856d3f3be Fix CI 3 years ago
Tyler 9e9d9af6bb Fix CI 3 years ago
Tyler 7f876659db Let there be BUILDS 3 years ago
Tyler 63ce0cde19 Gitlab CI! 3 years ago
Tyler a6f6c4e96d Updates 3 years ago
kenshin 489adb58ef
Merge pull request #37 from kenshinx/domain-specs-nameservers 4 years ago
kenshinx ea21c87183 Semicolon separate multiple domain list files and update examples 4 years ago
kenshinx dc60b4c9a2 Supplement test case, www.google.com should match /google.com/ 4 years ago
kenshinx 4b1d61a600 more pretty logging and ensure query the specific upstream nameserver in async Lookup() function. 4 years ago
kenshinx 063182e0bd use net.JoinHostPort instead of string join 4 years ago
kenshinx 43d8d65438 Extract public functions into utils 4 years ago
kenshinx 2e97278cb9 Merge https://github.com/bigeagle/godns into domain-specs-name-server 4 years ago
kenshin e742e5dce9 Merge pull request #32 from nutsteam/master 4 years ago
shuhai fa750269e7 处理一行多个域名,或者不是标准域名的情况 4 years ago
kenshinx 4201a5d5b8 Update documents 4 years ago
kenshinx 3be40025e0 fix: use sld match instead of string suffix match 4 years ago
kenshinx 5f42911d12 File hosts support widlcard #31 4 years ago
kenshinx 829c7af1bc fix: concurrent iteration map need lock. 4 years ago
kenshinx 4d3d475c27 Support for larger UDP DNS responses #30 5 years ago
kenshin 7d1f6af220 Merge pull request #29 from HorayNarea/master 5 years ago
Thomas Sänger 4a66022d50 use net.JoinHostPort() 5 years ago
kenshin 9e3c916046 Merge pull request #25 from dbalan/memcached_backend_support 5 years ago