A simple, go-based DNS resolver/caching server
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package main
import (
type Server struct {
host string
port int
rTimeout time.Duration
wTimeout time.Duration
func (s *Server) Addr() string {
return net.JoinHostPort(s.host, strconv.Itoa(s.port))
func (s *Server) Run() {
handler := NewHandler()
tcpHandler := dns.NewServeMux()
tcpHandler.HandleFunc(".", handler.DoTCP)
udpHandler := dns.NewServeMux()
udpHandler.HandleFunc(".", handler.DoUDP)
tcpServer := &dns.Server{
Addr: s.Addr(),
Net: "tcp",
Handler: tcpHandler,
ReadTimeout: s.rTimeout,
WriteTimeout: s.wTimeout,
udpServer := &dns.Server{
Addr: s.Addr(),
Net: "udp",
Handler: udpHandler,
UDPSize: 65535,
ReadTimeout: s.rTimeout,
WriteTimeout: s.wTimeout,
go s.start(udpServer)
go s.start(tcpServer)
func (s *Server) start(ds *dns.Server) {
logger.Info("Start %s listener on %s", ds.Net, s.Addr())
err := ds.ListenAndServe()
if err != nil {
logger.Error("Start %s listener on %s failed:%s", ds.Net, s.Addr(), err.Error())