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Tyler b0efa7143c Fix serverlist issues 2 years ago
Tyler adf6a32039 Redis caching 3 years ago
Dhananjay Balan 790acb55da Use pack and unpack from dns library. 6 years ago
Dhananjay Balan 8c4b338257 Add intial memcache support. 6 years ago
Tamás Gulácsi 6bbefe3f18 Add negative cache 7 years ago
kenshinx 5cc38b6668 #CodeReviewComments# imports standard library in the first group 7 years ago
Murilo Santana 82294d7f01 locks 8 years ago
kenshin 84d878c03d cache add expire strategy 8 years ago
kenshin 01705a5019 remove interface 8 years ago
kenshin f30e0ba257 add redid cache backend in todo list 8 years ago
kenshin 0dfc4bf100 refactor memory cache into map[string]dns.Msg 8 years ago
kenshin 51be27eee9 memory cache with map[string]string 8 years ago
kenshin 57304bf910 Memory cache implemented 8 years ago
kenshin 5349b53416 first commit 8 years ago